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Where we read and interpret your cards with AI.


Before we begin, think about the question you want answers to today.




1. What is a past / present / future reading in Tarot?

A three-card spread where the first card indicates past influences or events leading up to the current situation, the second card represents the present circumstances or challenges, and the third card provides insight into the potential outcome or direction based on the past and present energies.

2. How does the reading work?

We use ChatGPT to act as an experienced Tarot reader in order to draw your cards and interpret them.

3. Why are the texts and numbers incorrect or strange?

As of November 2023, AI image generators (diffusion models) struggle when it comes to writing actual text. We could have fixed this in am image editor, but instead focused on selecting generated images that capture the symbolic essence of each card, rather than its literal name.

4. Does this replace human readers?

Not at all – but it helps us think about the nature of intution in an age of artificial intelligence. Consider this: how is the random selection of an experienced reader different from the random selection of an algorithm?

5. How were the cards created?

The cards were made using ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL•E 3.0. The designs are the result of asking ChatGPT to consider all known designs for any given card, and then convey these symbols and imagery into an original design. These were then curated by us.

The prompt used for all cards was Consider all existing Tarot cards for [THE FOOL]. Design vertical tarot cards which show their meanings and associated symbols..

6. Are the card images generated for my reading?

The images were created in DALL•E 3 ahead of time, and there are approximately 3 variants for each Arcana.

7. How is my data stored?

Your readings are not stored, but we save your visit (name, time) in a database to measure activity and troubleshoot.

8. Can I buy the cards?

Yes, you can buy a digital copy on Gumroad and printed on demand (coming soon).

9. Who made this?

GPTarot is created and developed by Aesthetic Hermetics and Michell Zappa.